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The most eye opening messages I have come across

These are links to the original videos, so some may be long, but I assure you they are worth the watch.

God's Truth or Man's Traditions

Truth or Tradition

Should Christians celebrate Christmas and Easter? It sounds sacrilegious to even ask the question, doesn't it? You might be surprised to find out that God actually has an opinion when you consider the origins of these holidays...and that opinion might not be what you expect! "Well, that's not what it means to me", most people say. But since when does it matter what it means to us! We are not the ones being worshipped!  This teaching examines the most shocking historical origins of Christianity's most sacred holidays and will leave you desiring God's truth like never before! Find out where Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, Christmas trees, and many more holiday traditions actually come from and what the Scriptures say about them. Learn what is "truth" and what is "tradition." After all...The Father is only looking for those who worship in both Spirit and Truth!

7 Feasts of the LORD

The true Holidays/FEASTS that Christians today should be keeping

Our Identity on God's Timeline

Identity Crisis

If you ever wondered where you fit into God's plan for His people, starting with Israel and then the Church, the video will unlock some amazing insights.

Lots more videos on Jim Staley's YouTube Channel - Passion for Truth.

I have chosen a couple of his videos that really are outstanding.

Jim Staley - Identity Crisis

The Tents of Shem

An in-depth teaching starting with Noah and his three sons.

This teaching has a similar conclusion to the video "Identity Crisis" but it gives a much grander view because it starts with Noah's prophecy over his sons - Shem, Ham, and Japeth.

Tents of Shem 1
Tents of Shem 2
Tents of Shem 3

The Bride of Christ

Who is the Bride of Christ?

So much more than we typically are taught about the Bride of Christ.

Jim Staley - The Bride 1
Jim Staley - The Bride 2
Jim Staley - The Bride 3

Which Kingdom will you enter?

The "Kingdom of God" or the "Kingdom of Heaven"

The Gospel of the Kingdom -

Who will see His Face?

Jesus spoke so often of the "Kingdom of God" and the "Kingdom of Heaven". He mentioned the Kingdom over 100 times, and often in the context of a whole parable talking about the Kingdom. Why did this topic compose so much of His teaching? 

This video will give a start.. I have more thoughts and will add them when I have a chance.

I found this video incredible. You can start at the very beginning, but she does not start the actual teaching until minute 20.

Gospel of the Kingdom

The End Times

Various Videos with eye opening insights - consider and test all things - search for the Truth.

No one is 100% correct, but we can still learn from everyone.

Nelson Walter - YouTube Channel

Lots of interesting videos on this channel. Here are a few that I found particularly interesting.

Nelson Walters - Joseph in Egypt
Nelson Walters - The Flood
Nelson Walters - Jesus walking on water

UNLEARN the Lies - YouTube Channel

A different approach - and probably quite true!  

We can plan all we want, but most of our planning will be useless. 

Unlearn the Lies - End Times